Welcome to Calgary Table Hockey Club (CTHC).

Are you ready for some serious FUN?

It's ALL there. This is STIGA Table Hockey!



Events will typically be held on Fridays from 7:00pm - 10:00pm (times may vary slightly).

We host regular season events which ultimately lead up to the annual playoffs, where top players will compete for a season trophy.

In the interim, we may also host smaller mini tournaments where players compete for medals, prizes, and/or sponsor-provided gift certificates.

The results of each game are entered into our system and the standings are automatically updated. You can track your progress on the live Leaderboard at any time, on any device.

No member or registration fees required.


$10 - unlimited games

- 3 STIGA tables
- 10 minutes per game

We are always open to suggestions, please use the Contact form to submit your query.

TIP: There are a limited amount of tables (3), so come early to maximize your play time. First come, first serve; everyone plays in the order they arrive. As this group grows, more tables will be added.